Ways to tease and turn on your man…

April 14, 2008

As I sit here this morning, drinking a cup of coffee to sustain me through the day after a late night, I realized, many women don’t realize how SIMPLE it is to turn a man on. (it’s the french vanilla coffee that clued me in this morning)

There are the usual ideas, lingerie, whispering fuck me in his ear, getting naked and jumping him…. But these serve as short term devices, and if used to much, can start to lose their appeal. What we naughty mamas need to do, is turn our men on all day. Keep him wanting us until it almost hurts.

I am going to kick out on myth real quick. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT cook the man a four course meal and then expect him to have the stamina to keep up with your naughty self. While food is the way to a mans heart, all that will do is make him marry you. Not screw your brains out (which is what we really care about)

Ok… Now that I got that out of the way, here are 5 EASY steps to keep him aching for you:

  1. SMELL: Start wearing a certain perfume to bed. And only to bed. That way, he gets used to remembering that smell with orgasmic pleasure. After about 5-6 sex sessions, you can start using the perfume to turn him on. Wear it out on a date when you know you will give him some that night. Spray it on a letter that you tuck into his lunch/breifcase/whatever he takes to work…. He will think of you and sex with you when he smells it. It’s like Pavlov’s dogs. Yeah. That easy.
  2. NOTES: Back to that note I mentioned slipping him at work. Already, the perfume is making him think. What you put in the letter is what makes him think even more… You want whatever you say worded on the sly. Don’t say Babe you fucked me good last night! Mad props hubby! Make it simple and sweet. Something like Thank you for last night. I am so relaxed and happy today. You are wonderful. Love, Jane.
  3. USE YOUR EYES: Seriously women! This is our No#1 asset, and we don’t use it! Hair toss and ass shakes are good, but your eyes can speak volumes! Keep eye contact when talking to him or listening. If the two of you are doing separate things, once in a while, look over at him, catch his eye, and give him that sexy smile we all have and lift your eyebrow slightly and look away with that “cat ate the canary” sly grin.
  4. KISS: The day to day basics of being a mom can kill you. Seriously. It’s a secret that no one tells us until it’s too late. We spend all day being a mom and at the end of the day, as you lay down to close your eyes, you realize my husband and I haven’t kissed in almost a week… Make it an effort, every morning, before you leave each other to kiss. Make it last 2 seconds. Seriously, just two seconds out of your day, and your man will remember it all day long.
  5. SNEAK: This one is my favorite. My man says it drives him CRAZY waiting for me to fulfill the promise. When the kids are distracted, throw yourself at him. If only for a few seconds, use that time wisely to kiss him as if you were still in high school at drunk at the senior party! Pull him against you against the wall, hands in his hair, on leg holding him tight against you. Then stop. Kiss him lightly on the lips, wink, and whisper lightly in his ear I can’t wait…

Now, my everloving naughty mamas, get started turning on and teasing your man. You may be a mom, but you are a women first and foremost.


3 Responses to “Ways to tease and turn on your man…”

  1. hawtandbothered said

    I love the smell idea (all of them of course, but this one the most). Smell is so powerful! I still think fondly of my elementary school teachers when I smell anyone wearing Sierra (I think they have it at CVS / Walgreen’s).

    And I have been wearing the same perfume since 1997 and will never switch it. But maybe I will get a special bedroom perfume.

    Down, boy!

  2. Leslie said

    I think the kissing idea is very important for guys especially to know. My husband and I have a 3 year old and another baby due in January. While my husband and I were dating and when we 1st got married, we made out ALL the time…anywhere, anytime. We were all over each other. We had our daughter about a year and a half after we were married and it seems like it all stopped. Don’t get me wrong..she’s the best thing that ever happened to either of us…but now I get a 1/2 second peck in the mornings when my husband goes to work…but that’s all. For me that sucks! I would rather just cozy up on the couch and make out than have sex. Just something about it…makes me feel like we’re back in time when our relationship was new and exciting. Now, with a child in the house I know we can’t be all over each other 24/7, but at least for 2 seconds…like you said….give me a little something! I guess it’s not something men care about as much as women. Men want sex…we want affection. For a while I made sure we kissed everyday…but I started feeling crappy that I was the one initiating it….EVERY time. And yes…we’ve had the “you’re not affectionate anymore” talk….and he’ll be great for a few days…then fades out again. And we’re only 27…what happens 10 or 20 years from now? lol…any suggestions?

  3. peasinmyhair said

    Yes, I have a suggestion. Get him to agree to have sex with you every day for 2 weeks. But try a different position every week. Forget about the affection for a while. Put him first, and then make him beg for it after he gets used to being spoiled. After 2 weeks, make him get on his knees and pleasure you until you are ready to put out.

    The sex part of your relationship will change / grow / stall until you are old and grey and beyond. If affection is gone right now, stop worrying about finding it for a while and focus on dirty hot sex.

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